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  • Bavarian Demon 3SX

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    The 3SX for remote controlled helicopters comes with the patented horizon mode and the world's most unique rescue mode, which makes flying significantly more secure. The 3SX is perfect for beginners, as well as professional pilots who would like to set themselves new goals. You can learn how to fly easily and safely. You can test and train for new 3D manoeuvres. You control your radio control helicopters without worrying about the safety - even if you do lose control at times. This is because the bavarianDEMON 3SX rescues your valuable RC helicopter from all flight manoeuvres at the touch of a button (such as during tic-toc or piro-flip) via an automatic pitch action, which enables the helicopter to stabilise and shoot upwards. Both the stabilisation strength and turning the respective horizontal mode on and off takes place via an auxiliary channel from the receiver.